Custom signs for business and personal use can be designed and curated here at Graffiti Works.

At Graffiti Works, we can custom design a noticeable and vibrant logos that your customers will associate with your company.

Welcome to Graffiti Works! 

Custom made apparel made from demand for business and personal use- for any and all purposes.

Our Services:


​​​Truck Lettering

  • Truck, Trailer & Equipment Lettering
  • Signage, Site Signs & Banners
  • Company & Team Apparel
  • Business Cards / Stationary
  • Logo Design
  • Truck & Automotive Inspired Apparel
  • Promotional Products 

Logo Design


Graffiti Works, owned and operated By Sue Gogolinski has been in operation for over 30 years. Studying sign painting, lettering and layouts at Butera School of Art and a passion for design was the driving force and inspiration for Graffiti Works. What started off as a relatively simple business has now flourished into a reputable and well-recognized leader in the industry, helping businesses become successful by showing who they are and what they do. This can be as simple as a logo design or a complete package including staff clothing, truck and equipment lettering, site signs, business cards, postcards & stationary.

Have company pickups ,vans or box trucks trucks? Enclosed Trailers, Concrete Mixers, Loaders, Excavators? We can letter them all!

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