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Custom signs for business and personal use can be designed and curated here at Graffiti Works.

Welcome to Graffiti Works! 

At Graffiti Works, we can custom design a noticeable and vibrant logos that your customers will associate with your company.


Logo Design

​​​Truck Lettering



Graffiti Works, owned and operated By Sue Gogolinski has been in operation for over 30 years. Studying sign painting, lettering and layouts at Butera School of Art and a passion for design was the driving force and inspiration for Graffiti Works. What started off as a relatively simple business has now flourished into a reputable and well-recognized leader in the industry, helping businesses become successful by showing who they are and what they do. This can be as simple as a logo design or a complete package including staff clothing, truck and equipment lettering, site signs, business cards, postcards & stationary.

Have company pickups ,vans or box trucks trucks? Enclosed Trailers, Concrete Mixers, Loaders, Excavators? We can letter them all!

  • Truck, Trailer & Equipment Lettering
  • Signage, Site Signs & Banners
  • Company & Team Apparel
  • Business Cards / Stationary
  • Logo Design
  • Truck & Automotive Inspired Apparel
  • Promotional Products 

Custom made apparel made from demand for business and personal use- for any and all purposes.